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Are you looking for a career that's exciting, fulfilling and makes a difference? Then consider joining the ranks of the Pennsylvania State Police. The Pennsylvania State Police are looking for the best and brightest individuals to join the ranks of the "First and Finest" state police organization in the country!

If you are committed to a lifetime of service to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania -then take a closer look.

* Updated 3/24/2014 ORAL EXAMS CONCLUDED and FINAL RESULTS Download information in PDF format or click here.

Visit the Requirements page for more information.

Download the Recruiting Brochure for more information.

Cadet Class & Testing Updates:

*Updated 3/24/2014 Oral Exams Conluded and Final Results
Testing announcements for Pennsylvania State Police Cadet are posted at the Pennsylvania State Police web site and may be found here.

Read more on Our Requirements page. Download the Recruiting Brochure.

Applicants are required to keep their contact information up-to-date on their on-line applications to ensure direct contact when required. Visit the Online Application

Questions regarding the written and oral examinations are to be directed to:

Questions regarding the Cadet Selection Procedures or employment are to be directed to:

What are the duties of a Trooper?

Pennsylvania State Police Troopers provide and maintain traffic enforcement and control, crime scene response and investigation, public order, staff support, and security for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Troopers often work independently and are required to recognize immediate problem areas. Troopers must make responsible decisions and take the appropriate corrective action without the benefit of close supervision. Troopers often operate in situations that are stressful and dangerous.

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* The starting salary for new Troopers is $54,497.

Troopers earn 10* vacation days within the first year of employment.

Troopers earn 15* sick days per calendar year.

Troopers receive 12* paid holidays and 4 personal days per calendar year.

*This information is subject to change with the effective dates of new labor contracts.


You can complete an online application for the position of a PSP Cadet. Apply Online

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