Academy Life

If you are selected for the Pennsylvania State Police, you will be sent to one of the country’s best training facilities. Training is regimented, demanding and exhausting. It is a life-changing experience.  Cadets learn to meet and exceed seemingly impossible physical and mental challenges.  Are you up to the challenge?


The Pennsylvania State Police is a paramilitary organization. Military courtesy and discipline are practiced from the first day you enter the Academy as a Cadet.


Cadets will be informed of Department and Academy rules and regulations, which govern their actions during training and employment with the Department.


Cadets immediately begin an 18-month probationary period the day they report for induction.  Cadets and Troopers are subject to dismissal, by the Commissioner, during their probationary period for incompetence, inefficiency, or violations of rules and regulations.


Cadets must maintain proper discipline and deportment and meet attendance requirements.  Cadets are required to maintain, in accordance with established rules and regulations, their personal appearance, rooms, issued equipment, and personal belongings, all of which are subject to periodic inspections by the training staff.


Cadets will be subject to unannounced drug screenings during their training.


Cadets assist in maintaining all training facilities and equipment, including the kennels and the stables.  Cadets perform kitchen and dining hall service, assist the Charge of Quarters, and staff the communications desk.


Additional Information can be found on the Pennsylvania State Police Web Site .