Career Opportunities

Listed below are just a few of our rewarding career opportunities as a Pennsylvania State Trooper. Uniquely, PSP provides a stable foundation for Troopers to experience a variety of careers within a career!  

In addition to patrol services and complete law enforcement coverage in residential areas, PSP provides a variety of support services that afford troopers the opportunity to perform a multitude of specialized positions.  Along with serving PSP, many of the following specialized services are also utilized by numerous municipal law enforcement agencies:


  • Criminal Investigation     
  • Major Case Teams
  • Vice/Narcotic Units
  • Organized Crime Units
  • Intelligence Units
  • Criminal Profilers    
  • Unsolved Crimes    
  • Fugitive Units    
  • Aviation Units
  • Motorcycle Units
  • Canine Units     
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Mounted Units
  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement   
  • Auto Theft Units    
  • Community Services
  • Forensic Services Units
  • Gaming Enforcement
  • Computer Crimes    
  • PA Crime Stoppers
  • Fire Marshals
  • DNA Database
  • Polygraph Units    
  • Fingerprint Database
  • Megan’s Law Units
  • DUI Patrols    
  • PA Instant Check System
  • Airport Interdiction    
  • Ballistics Section  
  • Clandestine Lab Units    
  • Chemistry Labs
  • CLEAN Systems    
  • School Resource Officers
  • Crime Laboratories    
  • Explosives/Bomb Section
  • Academy Instructors     
  • Drug Recognition Experts
  • Criminal Interdiction    
  • Liquor Control Enforcement
  • Aerial Observers
  • Special Emergency Response Teams (SERT), to include Tactical Units and Negotiations Unit

Contact a recruiter to hear about additional Specialized Positions!


In addition to the various career and training opportunities in our department, you wil have the option to pursue higher ranks and attain promotions.  The rank structure of the Pennsylvania State Police consists of the following:




Additional Information


Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police.

Lieutenant Colonel

Second in Command of the Pennsylvania State Police – Currently 3 Deputy Commissioners.


Commander of an Area, such as Area III, encompassing several Troops, or Bureau Director.


Troop Commander, such as Troop B, encompassing several Stations, or Division Director.


Station Commander or Section Commander, commanding both enlisted and civilian personnel.


Station Commander or Supervisor of a unit, section, or specialty position.


Supervisor of Troopers. Oversee patrol, criminal investigation, or other units on a daily basis.

Trooper First Class

This is a longevity promotion for Troopers with 12 years of service.



Upon graduation from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy, Cadets are promoted to the rank of Trooper.

State Police Cadet


A Commonwealth employee who is enrolled in but has not yet graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy.