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Tpr. Gretchen E. Swank
Tpr. Gretchen E. Swank
Western Recruitment Unit

Troop G - Hollidaysburg
Pennsylvania State Police
1510 North Juniata Street,
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

(717) 497-2353


"When I graduated from the PA State Police Academy in 2002, I was prepared to commit myself to a lifetime of service through one of the most highly regarded law enforcement agencies in the country. I knew that the PA State Police would offer me tangible opportunities, training, and career paths no other department could offer me; but, I was unaware at that time of the intangible benefits that accompanied my induction into this amazing organization. Upon becoming a PA State Trooper, I not only gained dependable employment, financial security, and outstanding medical benefits; I also gained a family within the ranks of likeminded, caring, men and women devoted to selfless service to the citizens of the Commonwealth, and to each other. Every day has brought me new challenges for personal growth, and an overwhelming feeling of honor to be in a position to help others.

Over the years I have worked in both the Patrol Unit and the Criminal Investigation Unit. As a Patrol Trooper I conducted traffic enforcement, investigated crashes, and responded to various crimes. I enjoyed patrolling neighborhoods, talking to people, and learning of their personal concerns, which motivated me to work as a community services officer while I also carried out the duties of a Patrol Trooper. While working within the Patrol Unit, I also received the opportunity to work for a short time in an undercover capacity within our Vice and Narcotics Unit, which added depth to my experience of police work.

As a Criminal Investigator, I received specialized training through the Department to conduct complex investigations, including homicide, rape, and child sexual abuse. Working in this capacity redefined the meaningful work of a PA State Trooper, which no words can adequately express. During my years as a Criminal Investigator, I also became a Trooper within the PA State Police Members Assistance Program, which is a unit dedicated to the wellbeing of each Trooper, and their families, through both personal and professional struggles.

I embraced the opportunity to become a Recruiter because I am passionate about the work we do as PA State Troopers, and I know the importance of our continued efforts forward. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania needs caring, devoted men and women, who reflect the racial, social, and multi-cultural diversity of our communities, to join our ranks, and enforce the laws of Pennsylvania with integrity and honor. If you possess the qualities engrained within the tradition of the PA State Police, and you can be trusted with the responsibility of carrying forth justice, then the Pennsylvania State Police has many opportunities for you. Please contact me with any questions you may have."



Bedford, Blair, Centre, Fulton, Huntingdon, Juniata, Mifflin

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