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Tpr. Ruben De Los Santos
Tpr. Ruben De Los Santos
Eastern Recruitment Unit

Troop J – Lancaster
Pennsylvania State Police
2099 Lincoln Highway East,
Lancaster, PA 17602

Cell: (717) 497-2677

Instagram: @psptroopjrecruiter


"In December of 1998, I left my country of origin, The Dominican Republic, to pursue my American Dream. In short, what better way to accomplish that than by pursuing a career in law enforcement. Furthermore, to make a real difference while honorably representing the Latino/Hispanic community in the field of law enforcement is something I always wanted to do!

During my tenure as a law enforcement officer, I had the opportunity to work for another Police Department for approximately six years prior to becoming a Pennsylvania State Trooper. In September of 2010, I joined the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and I have been extremely proud of being a Trooper. As a member of PSP, I have worked as a Patrol Trooper and a Vehicle Fraud Investigator. While conducting numerous types of criminal and traffic investigations, I have found them to be both challenging and rewarding. I have had the privilege to work with many local and federal law enforcement agencies throughout this nation and beyond.

I enjoy seeing people from all different backgrounds, genders, race and ethnicity making a great difference in our country through law enforcement. That is a big deal to me. I am a true witness of the opportunities and great benefits our Department offers.

I openly invite you to contact me without any unnecessary delay and I will explain the endless opportunities that the Pennsylvania State Police has awaiting you. Become a member of an agency who is fully committed to serving the citizens of our Commonwealth without any consideration of class, color, creed or condition.

Start taking steps toward a solid career with us today and be committed to making a positive impact in our commonwealth. A true commitment will help sustain your goals to attaining this rewarding career for the rest of your life!

Muchas gracias y Dios les bendiga a todos."



Chester, Lancaster, York

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