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Cpl. Brian Pressley
Cpl. Brian Pressley
Supervisor, Recruitment Services Section

Pennsylvania State Police
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110


"In September of 2002, without any prior law enforcement or military experience, I made the tough decision to leave my enriching career as a high school educator and assume the rewarding profession of being a Pennsylvania State Trooper! Simply stated, “It Was The Best Career Decision Of My Life!”

After sincerely enjoying the structured environment at the academy and over 17 years later, I have had the opportunity to experience various PSP functions. Besides being a patrolman of our highways and providing law enforcement coverage in residential areas, I have performed assignments such as the following: Patrol Unit Supervisor; Gaming Enforcement Supervisor (casino); ID Fraud Investigator; Evidence Custodial Officer; Megan’s Law Task Force; Warrants & O.R. Unit; Prisoner Security Project; Physical Readiness Coordinator; Member’s Assistance Program; Equality and Inclusion Office; and Dignitary protection for the president, vice president and state governors. In addition, PSP has consistently provided me with valuable training conducted by our department’s highly skilled instructors and various outside agencies throughout my career.

Are you looking for a career with a sense of purpose, significance and enough variety to sustain your interest? Are you seeking a career with opportunities for growth and advancement within a team-oriented organization? Are you searching for job security and the ability to contribute to others while performing public service in our communities?

Start pursuing your enriching and positively life changing career NOW! Apply online; schedule and take our written examination; complete the entire testing process; and see how you rank to be a part of our outstanding organization!

Our Recruitment Services Section truly welcomes the opportunity to assist you during the entire hiring process; answer your questions/concerns; and explain how your interests can align with being a PA State Trooper!"

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