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"The purpose of the Pennsylvania State Police Mentoring Program is to enhance the development of applicants by having experienced and knowledgeable Troopers share their expertise, values, skills, perspectives, attitudes, and proficiencies. The Recruitment Services Section will provide guidance to individuals that have an interest in pursuing a career with the Pennsylvania State Police. As a part of the Mentoring Program, recruiters will educate applicants on the 'Do’s and Don’ts' of the hiring process in regards to the following phases of the Cadet Selection Process:

• Written Examination
• Oral Examination
• Polygraph Examination
• Background Investigation
• Physical Readiness Processing
• Medical Evaluation
• Psychological Evaluation

The Mentoring Program is available statewide and we encourage all applicants to participate. For additional information, please contact any recruiter listed on our site and inquire about our Mock Physical Readiness Testing dates in your area."

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