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Tfc. William D. Shamnoski
Tfc. William D. Shamnoski
Eastern Recruitment Unit

Pennsylvania State Police
475 Wyoming Avenue,
Wyoming, PA 18644

(717) 409-9129


"I have been a member of the Pennsylvania State Police for 22 years. The majority of my career has been spent in Patrol as a "Road Dog". I chose to remain at this assignment because it provided me with the diversity of a new and different experience every day I donned the uniform. It also provided me the camaraderie of working closely with so many fine men and women who proudly serve this Commonwealth and its citizens. Whether investigating a traffic crash or a complex homicide, the sense of pride felt by accomplishing the task at hand, as well as the lasting bond shared with your fellow Troopers, is invaluable to me.

It was my decision to join the Recruitment Unit because I want to be part of providing a successful future for our Department. I enjoy participating in the process of seeking out and assisting those special individual's considering a career with one of the world's most premier law-enforcement agencies. My years of practical experience allow me to provide beneficial insight to those motivated individuals capable and willing to possess the same values, integrity, and commitment to service that would afford them the opportunity to become a member of "The First and the Finest."

Honesty, Integrity, Duty and Courage are our Core Values…Do You Have What It Takes?"



Bradford, Luzerne, Sullivan, Wyoming

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