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Tfc. Robin M. Mungo
Tfc. Robin M. Mungo
Western Recruitment Unit

Troop B - Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania State Police
449 McCormick Road,
Pittsburgh, PA 15108

(717) 304-1081


"I became a proud member of the Pennsylvania State Police in 1995. The Pennsylvania State Police was not my career path, but after participating in the application process I quickly decided this was the career for me.

The training I received was like no other. I am a US Army Reserve Veteran and the training was comparable to my basic training. I am glad the Pennsylvania State Police academy tested me physically, mentally, and emotionally because it prepared me for the work that was to come. My career has allowed me to work at several stations holding different job titles such as Patrol Trooper, Criminal Investigator, Community Service Officer, Public Information Officer, and now a Recruiter.

As I come close to the end of my career I want to continue to give back to my community, which is the most rewarding feeling. I also want to give back to my department by introducing opportunities to those who might have never considered a career in law enforcement, specifically the Pennsylvania State Police. As a child I was told to never close a door on an opportunity. So, I challenge you today to open that door and consider a career with the first and the finest; The Pennylvania State Police."



Allegheny, Fayette, Greene, Washington

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