The video’s posted below will demonstrate each phase of the Physical Readiness Test (PRT).  The PRT applicant standard for each test is typewritten below each video.  When applicants arrive for the PRT, all of the tests will be given in the order shown below, normally within an hour and a half time period.

As you prepare for the PRT test, at some point in your training we suggest you practice the entire test within the hour and a half time limit.  This will allow you to measure your abilities prior to your test date and improve upon a test you may be deficient in.

Please reference the Cadet Applicant Training Program for assistance if needed.

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Vertical Jump applicant standard - 14 inches, 3 attempts

Illinois Agility Run applicant standard - 23.5 Seconds, 2 Attempts

300 Meter Run applicant standard - 77 Seconds

Push Ups applicant standard - 13 Repetitions (no time limit)

1.5 Mile Run applicant standard - 17 Minutes and 48 seconds