Tpr. Giovanni Ortiz

Central Recruitment Unit

Troop L - Reading
Pennsylvania State Police
600 Kenhorst Boulevard
Reading, PA 19611

Cell: (717) 480-1358

Becoming a Pennsylvania State Trooper was a lifelong goal of mine! Growing up, I was surrounded by State Troopers with my father being a civilian employee of the state for the last 30 years. As a teenager, I attended Camp Cadet and can remember vividly the admiration I had for the Pennsylvania State Trooper’s uniforms. The core values of Honor, Service, Integrity, Respect, Trust, Courage, and Duty have been imbedded in me from a very young age. Obtaining the rank of Trooper was truly an accomplishment I envisioned for a very long time and sincerely ‘A Dream Come True’ reality.

Even more fulfilling, was the time I’ve spent as a patrol member. I conducted numerous investigations involving Criminal Mischief, Retail Theft, Harassment, Simple Possession, Burglaries, Assaults, Robberies, etc. While on duty, I was able to routinely practice the core values of the state police on a day-to-day basis and it has truly been rewarding.

I’ve since transitioned to the Recruitment Service Section as a recruiter. Becoming a recruiter allows me the opportunity to help others reach their potential in exploring a career with the Pennsylvania State Police. If you are inspired and want to excel in a profession where you can make a difference, foster relationships with the public, work together to decrease the incidence of crime and enhancing the community as a whole please contact me today!