Tpr. Nicole Ludwig

Western Recruitment Unit

Troop E - Erie
Pennsylvania State Police
4320 Iroquois Ave
Erie, Pa 16511

Cell: (717) 839-8317

Instagram: @psptrooperecruiter

“Are you guys ready? Let’s roll.” I was eleven-years old when 9/11 happened. I knew that what I wanted to do in my life would be impactful and help people. This tragedy bonded with a mindset, that whatever I would do in my adult life, it had to be something substantial to help people.  I became a Trooper in December of 2015, graduating with the 145th Pennsylvania State Police Cadet class.

I have had the privilege to be a college athlete and serve in a variety of different capacities as a Pennsylvania State Trooper.  I found myself becoming introduced to the wide gambit of criminal investigations and found solace in intricately solving a myriad of very serious criminal matters. I have been a part of major homicide investigations, sexual assault investigations, in-depth burglary investigations and assisted in solving a 20 year old cold case.

In imparting a mindset to the future applicants and Cadets, I’m mindful of one thing- Society has gatekeepers that are needed. Bravery is everywhere and comes in all walks of life. To do this job, there is personal sacrifice, courage, integrity and honesty being a Trooper. You are looked upon by many good people as brave and serve as the utmost professional figure in Law enforcement. I look to seek those who echo this mindset,  who are driven and abide by a standard set forth by the Pennsylvania State Police- Seek justice, preserve the peace and improve the quality of life for all.’

If you seek a fulfilling career with many challenges, look no further and apply today!